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We always joked that we would grow old together and be the best of friends for life.Tara had such a love of music and I would spend many nights in her apartment listening to her playing the piano and writing fun little songs together that made us laugh.My sympathy goes to her wonderful family at this time whom she adored and will be feeling this loss the greatest.Duncan James is and English singer,actor and television presenter best known for playing Ryan Kinght in Hollyoaks and Dr Watson in Sherlock Holmes.I could talk all day about her because that is how much she meant to me and how much she affected my life on a daily basis and so many hearts are broken who knew and loved Tara and she will be missed so very much.She sadly battled many demons and now she will be truly at rest without being frightened or scared.

We took ourselves to business school and learned the ins and outs of the business.She was so good at improvising with lyrics and melody and we would fall around on the floor in floods of laughter..She would then jump up and all of a sudden, break out into a headstand using the chair of the piano and perform scissor kicks with her legs in the air, just randomly.Backstage she slipped me - in true Tara fashion - her phone number written in eyeliner pen on a scrappy piece of paper, thrusting it into my hand so no-one else could see.Tara had a cheeky, naughty, mischievous side that I loved.

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